HOOSIC VALLEY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — The Hoosic Valley Central School District held a public forum Monday to discuss a change of their mascot. The district’s mascot is called the “Indians,” and according to a New York State Education Department memo, they need to change the name in order to keep their state funding.

Officials said the district receives around $9 million from the state, and losing the money could significantly impact the district. Those on both sides of the issue made their voices heard.

“Personally, what the logo is, is what it is, but to me, this is about overreach from the New York State Education Department and the New York State government, and we need to stand up to it, because it is just going to keep going.”

“I think if the state were to drop our funding, we need to change our name and logo, so at this point like others have said, let’s move forward and get going on picking a new name, so we can pick the name we want.”

The state education department is expected to approve the resolution about changing Native American logo and imagery later this year.