EAST GREENBUSH, N.Y. (NEWS10) — East Greenbush Schools are expanding their preschool classes and student support services. 

The additions to those programs are funded by foundation aid from the 2024 state budget. That funding also supports intervention services for students in third grade and below who need additional academic help. Jeffrey Simons, Superintendent, said the increased focus on early childhood education is improving academics and student behavior.  

“Currently the foundation aid increases that we received over the last three years are helping to support the staff that’s necessary to provide early intervention services,” Simons said. “Reading and math teachers to provide for those students who may not yet be up to grade level. We’ve also purchased assessment tools that can be utilized to determine what strategies and what intervention we might be able to use.” 

The district added two new pre school classes this fall, increasing their available seats from 61 to 97.