ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — When the city school district of Albany Board of Education announced that Kaweeda Adams was resigning, it was bittersweet for everyone involved. But she was grateful for all of the time that she spent with her colleagues and for all the accomplishments that were made.

“This is a phenomenal district and I love this district and I love the family that we created in the city school district of Albany,” Adams said.

John Yagielski was chosen to take on the job as interim superintendent while the district looks for Adams’ replacement. He also says that he isn’t too worried about the transition.

“We’re in a perfect place right now…credits to our staff and to our leadership who is leaving us now, unfortunately… But I think we can carry that forward,” he said.

School Board President, Vicki Smith, hopes to continue enhancing the current programs during the transition.

“In fact, we discussed not having any new initiatives, but rather supporting the initiatives that we have,” Smith said. “You’ll see them increase in approach…or strategies to keep that excitement and engagement going.”

Yagielski says he would like to make some additions… but he’s not ready to elaborate until he starts in January.

“You always gotta be in this business …to be striving for better and more,” he said.

That also applies when certain unforeseen issues arise, such as the cybersecurity threat that affected internet access since Monday.

“We were able to make sure that our defenses were in place so that we did not have to experience any threat to our system,” Superintendent Adams said. “So our defenses held and so none of our information has been compromised…but we still need to go through the process of that investigation.”

School officials are hoping to be back online by Thursday morning.