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Gaize, Inc. and Current Consulting announce a webinar on marijuana impairment in the workplace and how to detect it.

Join the Workplace Impairment Detection Webinar

Join this free webinar panel discussion on the topic of workplace impairment from marijuana and other drugs, how to identify it, and mitigate the effects.

MISSOULA, MONTANA, USA, September 19, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ -- Join the Current Consulting Group for a free webinar panel discussion hosted by Gaize, Inc. focusing on the topic of workplace impairment from cannabis and other drugs, how to identify it, and how to proactively mitigate its adverse effects.

Impairment in the workplace, which is often associated with drug and alcohol abuse, can be caused by many different things. In states where marijuana is legal, employers are being struck with the dilemma of accommodating marijuana use amongst their employees while also needing to maintain a safe work environment. Drug testing, which is effective at identifying whether someone has prohibited substances in their system, does not prove, either scientifically or legally, that someone is impaired. However, new technology that measures micro-movements of the eye, and is based on existing science of Drug Recognition Expert eye examinations, makes it possible for employers to quickly, easily, and in a non-invasive manner determine if an employee is actually impaired.

Join Bill Current, founder of the Current Consulting Group, as he facilitates a discussion featuring an impressive panel of experts, including Ken Fichtler, CEO at Gaize; Linda Honey, Chief Training Officer at Protected At Work; and Tae Phillips, Labor and Employment Attorney and Shareholder at Ogletree Deakins.

Ken Fichtler, Gaize Founder and CEO, said: “We’re commonly talking with employers who are confused about the legality of marijuana testing, and can’t make heads or tails of the difference between drug testing and the need to prove impairment. Some have given up on dealing with marijuana in the workplace at all. They’ve dropped it from their drug testing panels and are simply hoping that their employees don’t come to work high. Unfortunately, hope is not a strategy, and we’re seeing increasing rates of workplace impairment as a result.”

The goal of the webinar is to educate participants on how to keep their workplace safe, even with legal marijuana. It will include simple guidance on the complex web of state marijuana legalization laws, including a discussion of language in many of those laws requiring employers to prove impairment. The conversation will also touch on how impairment and fitness for duty are related, and will discuss how impairment can be demonstrated using Gaize’s impairment detection technology.

Bill Current, President of Current Consulting Group, said, “This conversation is incredibly timely with California’s AB2188 and other state laws coming into effect that necessitate major changes to companies’ drug testing policies. I’m excited to have this discussion and answer some pressing questions for our attendees.”

The webinar qualifies for 1 continuing education credit from SHIRM, HRCI, and CC DAPP for those who attend in its entirety.

The webinar will be conducted on Wednesday, Sep 27, 2023, at 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM EST / 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM PST, and a recording will be available to registrants who cannot attend at that time. To register for the webinar, please visit: https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/2854413983412515927.

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