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On Spiritual Creativity and Communion: Multifaceted Artist Andrea Oliva Florendo Illuminates the Path of Love

Through her lifelong learning, Andrea Oliva Florendo draws from theology, music, and decorative arts to cultivate love and truth in every facet of life.

PEMBERTON, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, September 18, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ -- An adjunct associate professor, artist, author, and a certified practitioner of harp therapy, Andrea Oliva Florendo intertwines spirituality, artistry, and love.

Educated with bachelor degrees in English and Journalism from St. Paul University, Manila, and an M.A. in Theology & Religious Studies from St. John's University, New York, Florendo's intellectual foundation shines through her eloquent prose and profound insights, evident in her book, “Romance of the Enclosed Garden: Song of Songs.” Her diverse educational background is further enriched by her studies in decorative arts at the New York School of Interior Design and her role as a Research Fellow at Yale University's Divinity School in New Haven, Connecticut.

In everything she does, Florendo beautifully weaves together her passion for words, colors, designs, sounds, and spirituality. With a heart dedicated to creative expression, she describes her artistic endeavors as a form of prayer—a direct communication with the Divine. Her unique perspective is a reminder that true creativity is an act of becoming, a way to access the golden ray of one's authentic self.

In her Christian literature, “Romance of the Enclosed Garden: Songs of Songs,” Florendo draws upon the metaphor of an enclosed garden, as inspired by the Song of Songs, to explore the profound relationship between humanity and the divine. Florendo masterfully guides readers through the garden's lush symbolism, inviting them to experience the reunion of love with God, much like the communion between lovers.

Florendo writes, “To awaken into personal wholeness—to breathe in and breathe out, to give and to receive, to drink deep and yield to life; savor a sense of well-being—this is the embodiment of love.” The author further articulates, “While beauty and truth sustains the universe, love sustains our beings.” Through her art, Florendo inspires to let love take root, bloom, and flourish in every corner of existence.

Get to know more about Andrea Oliva Florendo on her website at www.andreaolivaflorendogardens.com and grab a copy of “Romance of the Enclosed Garden: Song of Songs,” available for purchase in print and digital formats on Amazon and other major online bookstore retailers.

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