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Splash Pro launches "Midjourney for music" Generative AI music feature

Splash Pro's intuitive UI design allows users to create generative music with a few clicks, on desktop or mobile.

AI World First: Generative Music Tool Trained On In-house Music Catalog

While our generative model is doing some really interesting things with vocal sounds, it’s amazing to hear what people can do with a lyric input and a combination of singing and rapping.”
— Richard Slatter, Head of Partnerships, Splash

AUSTRALIA, September 19, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ -- In a world first, AI music company Splash has dropped the first generative music feature trained on its own proprietary Gen Z and Alpha inspired catalog. With a simple prompt, text-to-music tool Splash Pro creates lush, high quality songs in a matter of seconds. With a simple, intuitive user interface allowing users to tweak song structures, lengths, lyrics and add AI singing and rap vocals, Splash Pro is a powerful creative engine for producers, content creators and music enthusiasts alike.

Splash is led by ex-Twitter alums Stephen Phillip and Richard Slatter, who founded We Are Hunted, a machine-learning music discovery tool which sold to Twitter in 2012. “Splash has been building our music datasets for years in preparation for this moment. We’re incredibly proud to have the support of forward thinking, world-class investors who have helped us get to this point. We’re so excited to see people using Splash Pro to supercharge their creativity” says Splash CEO, Stephen Phillips.

Splash’s in-house team of producers have created a vast catalog of high-quality music samples, including a range of male and female singers and rappers, all used as unique training data for the Splash AI.

Having absolute ownership of the music behind the AI was a key strategic decision for Splash who now have the freedom to innovate and respond to evolving trends rapidly, free from the complexities and uncertainties of external licensing agreements. This also allows Splash to offer users a fully flexible commercial license to easily monetize their creations.

Given its founders’ history unearthing current music trends and the company’s Gaming and DJ products, Splash has a strong focus on Gen Z and Alpha gamers and music lovers. It truly shines in areas like hyperpop, EDM, glitch, phonk, trap, lo-fi, hip hop and more. That being said, Splash’s music engine will keep running behind the scenes, training its models on an ever-expanding and evolving library of proprietary sounds.

Being able to add AI vocals to its generative music is another key differentiator for Splash Pro. Vocal melodies and refrains are generally the hooks that allow listeners to establish an emotional relationship with the music they hear, and presents a compelling tool for creators who don’t sing or have access to professional singers. “We believe in truly democratizing music creation,” says Richard Slatter, Head of Partnerships at Splash. “While our generative model is doing some really interesting things with vocal sounds, it’s amazing to hear what people can do with a lyric input and a combination of singing and rapping”. Splash currently has up to 15 AI vocal models that were trained through extensive studio recording sessions led by their music team.

Splash Pro operates on a freemium model, with its new generative feature being available across free and paid tiers. Free users can create unlimited 15-second tracks and users on its highest subscription tier (“Max”) can get unlimited generative songs of up to 60 seconds, with full access to all 15 AI vocalists, downloadable music videos and downloadable stems.

Try Splash Pro here: pro.splashmusic.com

About Splash:
Splash has been at the forefront of AI music innovation since 2017. With a range of successful products in the market, including the popular Roblox game "Splash" and mobile DJ app "Splash Music & Beatmaker”, Splash continues to revolutionize the way music is created and experienced. The launch of text-to-music service Splash Pro follows on from the success of its generative music experiment Beatbot which was released in March 2023. Splash Pro aims to make music creation faster, easier and infinitely more fun than it’s ever been before.

Tarika Wickremeratne
Splash, General Manager
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