German soccer fans root for home team in World Cup

ALBANY, N.Y. – A local bar has become a home base for soccer fans to display their passion for the sport every four years during the World Cup.

A little piece of home sits on the outskirts of downtown Albany for a group of German soccer fans. The menu reminds them of home, the beer is authentic to their country and the passion for their team is unmatched.

It’s a soccer bar on the surface, but on the inside it’s a glimpse into a diehard fan hood.

“We’re going to bring the cup,” fan Mario Elflein said. “Seriously.”

Marion and Veronica Elflein are from Germany. They said the atmosphere inside the bar is what being a soccer fan is like all the time in their country.

“The authenticity is pretty close,” Veronica said. “I’d say 98 percent.”

The German soccer team is a near lock to make it out of Group G, which also features the United States. And although advancing out of group play in America soccer is a win, anything short of bringing home the title is a failure for these German fans.

“They’re looking great with the way they’re playing. I think they’re taking it.”

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