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Grady Baby News: The Waiting Game


I have officially reached the nine month mark.  Whoohoo! I have been extremely lucky my entire pregnancy so far in that I have had no real medical issue besides dealing with morning sickness for six months and having a brief kidney infection scare.

I went to my 36 week OB checkup on Monday and everything is still looking great.  You know you are getting close to the end when the doctor asks, "have we gone over what symptoms you should be a on the lookout for and when you should call?"  Surprisingly, the closer I get to the due date, the less nervous I am becoming.  That's not to say I'm not nervous at all.  It is just that I was terrified for a long time so now I feel as though I am in the typical state of mind versus the "crazy pregnant lady" mindset.

All of the big pre-baby events are over now.  I just had my second baby shower at my parent's home in Bucks County last weekend and two weeks before that we had my baby shower for my husband's side of the family in his hometown of Whitehall.  Both were more than I could have ever imagined or asked for.  It made me feel so loved and supported having all my friends and family members come together to celebrate this new life growing inside of me.

I have to say, though, the showers can be daunting especially when you open a present and the gift inside is some neat, high tech baby gadget you have no idea what to do with.  It is all about figuring it out as you go, right?  That's my plan at least!

Because everything has been going so smoothly with my pregnancy, my goal is to work right up until the moment I say, "hmm, I think someone needs to take me to the hospital."  I was surprised, though, to hear from my doctor that first of all the majority of women never experience their water breaking like you see in the movies.  And second of all if my water does break, but I am not having contractions five minutes or less apart, the doctor will keep me home until I progress.  I always envisioned my water breaking and the mad dash to the hospital that would then ensue.  I guess Hollywood exaggerates that too.

If you are already a mother, I hope you are not reading this with judging eyes thinking, "how does this girl not know this stuff?"  I am the oldest of four children, the first of my friends to have a baby and completely clueless as to what really happens during pregnancy and child birth.  I am learning and hoping my blogs inform other moms-to-be about the realities of having a baby.

I still have a few things left to do before Baby Grady arrives like wash the crib bedding, the receiving blankets I plan on taking to the hospital and a few onesies for when I bring him home.  I also plan on packing my hospital bag this weekend. But other than that, everything else is pretty much done.  I really can't believe it considering I had so many moments over the past few months of feeling like I was never going to be ready for my baby to arrive.  Now I can't wait until the day I finally get to see what this little booger looks like (I'm also getting more and more uncomfortable so the sooner he comes the better).

It is all about waiting now.  My doctor appointments are every week and until "the moment" strikes, I plan on soaking up every last minute of my pregnancy and the feeling of my baby inside of me.  I know some women experience a sense of emptiness once they give birth after carrying around their child for nine months.  I am not sure how I am going to feel, but I plan on cherishing this very special time while it lasts because in my opinion having a child is a blessing and who knows if I will be lucky enough to carry a child again.

I have gotten a lot of questions from viewers about whether or not I plan on continuing my baby blog after Baby Grady arrives and the answer is yes.  I will do my best to continue updating my blog while at home on maternity leave. I am sure I will have many stories to share and I am so happy to be able to share them with you here. 

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