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And so it begins...Welcome to motherhood!


Good Monday Morning All!

So this is my first "official" Baby Grady post and as I sit here trying to start the writing process all I can think is where do I begin?! As many good writers usually do, I guess I should start at the beginning.

Being married for barely a year, my husband Joe and I... let's just say... were not "trying."  But as my mother always told me growing up, sometimes life and the Man upstairs have different plans.  As many people in this business we call TV News are, I would consider myself a Type A personality -- meaning I like to be in control and have definitive plans set in stone (go figure!) So, as you can imagine, when we found out we were expecting, we were both a little surprised and most of all nervous asking ourselves every question in the book pertaining to 'are we ready to be parents?'

When it comes down to it, I don't think anyone is really ever ready to become a new mom or dad.  All you can do is just trust in your own upbringing and judgement.  I am the oldest of four children and Joe, the oldest of two.  I remember my siblings Matt, Dan and Victoria being young (running around with pillowcases tied around their shoulders pretending they were superheroes), but I wish I remembered more of when they were in their infancy and toddler years.  I kept thinking that maybe that would help me feel better prepared and more in control. My husband, on the other hand, deals with small children every day as he is a Physical Education teacher and coach dealing with kids kindergarten through fifth grade.  Let's just say... I was afraid, at first, I would be a little rusty.

Once the initial shock of being pregnant wore off a bit -- and it really didn't take that long considering I was surrounded by my parents and Joe's parents who are elated (to put it lightly) to be welcoming their first grandchild -- the excitement began (the nerves, though, still hanging around a bit).  I remember a couple of months ago coming home from work after having a really tough day with morning sickness and Joe asked me if I wanted to go to Babies R Us to just "check it out."  I thought, well we might as well start this process now considering our lives are about to be bombarded with baby stuff for the next few years.  And so our first of many trips to the mecca of baby garb ensued.

If you are about to be a first time mom or dad, take my advice.  When visiting any baby depot, first and foremost take a deep breath before you walk in and have a plan.  Second, don't think you need to decide on everything right then and there (trust me you will only end up in tears... or like another couple we saw during our first trip -- in a screaming match).  Third, before you head out to start the registry process, have a close friend or family member on speed dial (in my case, speed texting) that you know is available to ask the many and I mean many questions about what you do or don't need.  And lastly, if you start to get overwhelmed, go to the newborn clothing section, pick up a onesie, look at it and remember that something that small can't be that scary.

Our first trip didn't end in any purchases. That wasn't our plan and looking back on it now, fortunately I didn't buy the one thing that popped out at me - a little, light pink tutu. Joe would have loved dressing our newborn son in a ballerina outfit.  But what we did come out with was a laundry list of new questions, ideas and concerns listed in the notes app on my iPhone.  This gradual easing in to the baby stuff was a really good start for us. It helped us familiarize ourselves with what we are actually going to need in a few months versus the unbelievable amount junk we won't.  There is a reason they call it the trillion dollar baby business.

I am going to end this post with something very special to me. As many of you know, we are expecting a baby boy in November. We found out in a really cool way with a gender reveal party with close friends and family.  The only person in on the sex of the baby before the big reveal was my husband's cousin, Jennah.  After having our 20 week ultrasound, I asked the nurse to write down the sex of the baby on a sticky note, put it in an envelope I gave to her and seal it.  We then gave Jennah the envelope a week before our gender reveal party and she put the whole thing together.  I want to share with you the photo montage Jennah just finished putting together -- something my husband and I will cherish forever.

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